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Heaven and hell colors


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Map for world- main place where thing happened

      Where the beginning of Story starts

New York
      Peter fly over following BT, stops in Lady Liberty and at the Chrysler Building

Blacktrottle/Red Scare
    Peter had to go through/across great Britain at one point then ends up at BTs castle on an island near Russia.

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Character Tab - Peter

Title: Fabulous Flight

Log Line: A young boy sets off on an adventure to save the world on the back of an over-weight seagull with nuclear consequences.

Pitch Line: Adventure of Tin Tin meets Stuart Little with nuclear consequences (in the 1950s)

With the need to prove himself, Peter, a young coddled boy sets off on an adventure to save the world from Blacktrottle a man who hold the power of an explosive worse than the atomic bomb. On the back of his new friend, Gus, an over-weight seagull they fly across the world to put a stop Blacktrottles deadly plan.



Sex- male

Height - 6in"

IQ-Pretty Smart

Sexuality- Hetero

Speech style- Upper class but still childish

Gestures - He's emotive with his entire body because he's so tiny.

Home - upper class, his father is in government. His mother loves him but coddles him so much that he feels stifled. His father is always busy but Peter has a great respect for him and wants to prove to him (and his mother) that he can do things (despite his size).

Attire - A mixture between doll clothing (with styles from the forties and fifties) and his own mending (has very little patience so tends to be rattily put together)

Occupation - child

Personality - bratty at first because he's lonely and coddled, used to getting what he wants. Wants to prove himself, he's creative and adventurous.

Values - Life/humanity is worth saving; he believes in "doing the right thing" but its often overshadowed by his selfish personality

Rituals - He makes it a goal to see how fast he can make it around the house, he times it and tries to beat the previous days time.

Everyday- wake up, circle the house, eat, home tutor, lunch break with a chance to be outside, self study (during this time he usually just tinkers around on things), dinner and time with parents, bed

What is at stake should Peter fail? - Something worse than the A-bomb will be dropped in a populated area; death, large mass of destruction.

Inciting incident- Blacktrottle accidentally reveals that he is the "Doc" sending threats for money and will blow up a town if the country's don't comply. Peter takes this as his chance to prove himself and goes after him.

1st act climax- Everyone is in the Railroad room and Blacktrottle jumps onto the model train set, rampaging across it and busting through the window to his escape.

Ordinary world and Extraordinary world- The ordinary world is his Familys home where everything is pretty true to life. The extraordinary world bumps up to it with talking animals, the extraordinary world is everything outside his home and backyard. Everything is new to Peter and he's accompanied by a talking bird.

Mid-point mind fuck moment- Peter has been at Blacktrottles castle for awhile and takes an opportunity to steal the "pill" but is nearly caught and hides in the pinball machine. Blacktrottle plays it not knowing Peter is inside. Peter doesn't know he has the dud "pill" and he's playing for his life!

Finished Peter